• Energy savings: with a 6.7:1 Modulation Turndown Ratio you will save energy effortlessly by reducing the amount of gas used. It automatically modulates the gas input to match the varying heating levels needed. Therefore, the UCS 240 Gas Boiler always operates optimally, reducing fuel costs.
  • Anti-wind Function: control automatically adjusts the fan speed to prevent loss of flame and lockouts
  • Flame Stabilization: control allows the flame to stabilize before modulating, preventing flame dropouts and recycling
  • Exchanger Preheat Function: for instant domestic hot water at desired temperature
  • Compatible with our Argo controls products and allowing paring 2 to 4 boilers.

  • Floor Base Kit is available when the installation does not allow for a wall-mounted solution. Boiler connections are easily accessible through the removable panels of the Optional Base.

 (See Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for complete instructions)