• 100% Efficient
  • Compact Light Weight Wall Hung Design (70 lbs)
  • Zero Emissions, Green Alternative: no fossil Fuel, no chimney, no carbon monoxide
  • No Short-Cycling: The AT Series utilizes an exclusive algorithm in its control which constantly analyses the rate of raise of the heating water temperature in the system by means of an electronic sensor inserted in an immersion well at the heating water outlet of the boiler. This configuration transmits water temperature back to the control board allowing the unit to efficiently maintain steady, even heat using only the elements needed to meet the heating demand. This eliminates the cost and inconveniences caused by the short cycling of the heating elements.
  • An Advanced Load Managing Controller: Gives you the option to allow your utility or electric co-op to remotely control the boiler, reducing peak demands
  • 2 Element (4 capacities from 6 kW/h to 12 kW/h)
  • 4 Element (4 capacities from 12 kW/h to 24 kW/h)

Safety features:

  • Built-in brownout protection and safety monitoring
  • Operating limit with backup high limit protection
  • 2 Relays per element for safety redundancy with audible and visual alarm/fault codes

  • Available in 2 or 4 element and modular boiler configurations.
  • Modular Boiler Configurations (40 kW+ for light commercial applications utilizing multiple boilers)

 (See Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for complete instructions)