• Save space : the combination (COMBI) models provide both your home heating, and your domestic hot water needs in one compact, super-efficient on-demand appliance. Our range of models provide 2.5 – 5 gallons per minute of domestic hot water.
  • Flow Rate in DHW Mode:
    • 5.0 GPM @ 70° F rise (MAC-205)
    • 3.5 GPM @ 70° F rise (MAC-150)
    • 2.5 GPM @ 70° F rise (MAC-115)
  • 6.9:1 Turndown Modulation Ratio in DHW Mode (MAC-115)
  • 7:1 Turndown Modulation Ratio in DHW Mode (MAC-150, MAC-205)
  • Heat Exchanger: 316L Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger and Burner. MAC-205, MAC-150 and MAC-115 are also equipped with a Stainless-Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.
  • LABOR SAVER™ Manifold Included : the pre-manufactured primary/ secondary piping saves time and money on the job site
  • Assembled Boiler With Jacket, Induced Draft Fan, High Limit Sensors, 30 psi Relief Valve, Low Water Pressure Switch and Temperature/Pressure Gauge
  • Built in load matching Pump contributes to savings in electrical usage

Outdoor Temperature Sensor, Indirect Tank Sensor and, Floor Stand Kit

Our AI control technology is programmed to recognize an Indirect Tank. H2O Indirect Hot Water Heaters are available in 30 to 115 gallon capacities and feature 316L stainless steel construction and top connections for an easy installation

(See Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for complete instructions)